Bintern App


Bintern is an online platform that connects students and graduates with companies for internships and employment. We help young people kick-start their careers by matching them with the right job opportunities.

In Macedonia, the percentage of unemployed people is 16.2% that is around 160,000 people. The reason for that high percentage is the lack of skills that the unemployed people have. We decided to improve the skill set of the students by connecting them with companies that offer internships. Bintern App is solving the problem with unemployment and low-quality jobs. This app helps people gain new practical skills that are needed in the labor market so they can get a decent job. Also, this solution is combining theoretical knowledge that the students learn at faculties with practical knowledge that the companies offer through internships. Connecting the three main points: companies, students, and universities. Our online platform helps students find internships and companies find interns. We also want to include short courses for skill improvement and skill tests for certain job requirements. Offical website:


I’ve learned a lot and had an opportunity to exchange ideas/thoughts with peers from Africa, Asia and Europe, it was a very important experience for me in a way to grow personally and professionally.

Dimitar MItrevski

CEO, Bintern