Bintern App

Bintern is an online platform that connects students and graduates with companies for internships and employment.
We help young people kick-start their careers by matching them with the right job opportunities. 

TrotiSocial App

TrotiSocial is an application for organizing different types of events, mostly for people with the same interests. A main
functionality in the application is the possibility to choose a specific place and create an event there with a scheduled


PLYNX app offers a digital bio-friendly currency model, contrary of the in-app purchases it will use a system where in-app items can only be bought with a currency earnable with social work.


An app that allows you to keep an eye on your alcohol consumption habits and aims to support and educate you with
regards to minimizing the health impact.


This aoo supports the formation of active and cohesive communities within a district in a city. People within these communities should have the opportunity to ask for support of any kind.

Kura Labs

Kura Kura helps Gen Zs build stronger friendships. We do this through a gamified app that incorporates
bite-sized journaling techniques, personalized weekly challenges and introspective shared reflection


MedGrab brings portability and accessibility to medical diagnostic tools for medical professionals and the public.
Utilizing the integration of our hardware HealthKit and Mobile App, we can create a more inclusive, efficient,
decentralized mode of healthcare.

Mkulima Bora

Mkulima Bora is a one-stop-shop platform that gives farmers access to premiumbuyers, extension officers, and verified training tools leading to improved economic status and livelihood.


Mental wellness mobile application that  aims at connecting customers (in this case users) to Mentors,life coaches ,therapists ,psychologists and psychiatrists. Users will log in to their account and get connected to therapist consultants of their liking. The app keeps track of a user’s daily progress.  


DyipPay is a mobile app for PUV passengers, drivers and transport coops. The app has predictive features that shows the real time location of PUVs and real time seat occupancy/capacity of it.


Sakahon is an agritech social enterprise that focuses on the ability of food producers to consolidate their produce and analyse what the market needs ahead of time. 

Talasalita App

Talasalita is a game application that locals can play and earn rewards while contributing to the enrichment of linguistic data sets in the Philippines.

Dawa Mkononi

Dawa Mkononi App provide convenience in procurement process through our simple-to-use mobile application which
is reable and have safe and secure payment gateways and free delivery of pharmaceutical products.


lyfplus is a telemedicine platform integrating virtual physician consultation, hospital appointment booking, and diagnostic facilities in one platform allowing patients to access important medical services instantly and conveniently.

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OnDuka is a no code AI/Voice powered conversational commerce platform that helps Retailers, Wholesalers, and
manufacturers sell online and reduce the time they take to respond to inquiries at a low cost, without the need of
technical or digital marketing knowledge, by generating and hosting for their businesses in a minute a ready and
easy to use AI-powered multilingual website, Mobile App and smart virtual salesperson in order to increase sales and revenue with great customer experience.


EMUN is a mobile app solution for the children with sickle cell disease to be immune to the complications of this
chronic illness. EMUN is a project initiated by Malaika Children Initiative.
EMUN is a real-time mobile & web application that monitors and diagnoses sickle cell trait and disease pediatric
patients through specialized medical personnel.

Contact Info

st. 27 Mart 44, 6330 Struga, Macedonia


mPreneur stimulates capacity building of young aspiring entrepreneurs and youth CSOs for usage of apps coding and ICT as vital skills for youth employability as well as for strengthening community resilience.