The mPreneur National Camp in the Philippines was held on September 30, 2022 at the Technological University of the Philippines (TUP) in Manila. The event was led by BTG Philippines and in partnership with TUP-CITE (Center for Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship).
BTG Philippines received a total of 12 entries which were all shortlisted. Prior to the national camp, the finalists were provided with online mentorship with 4 international mentors of different expertise to help them develop their mobile application’s UX design, business model, social impact and how to pitch effectively.
The national camp jury members are composed of local and international experts. The entries were judged with the following criteria: Problem-Solution Fit, Feasibility & Sustainability, Marketability, Innovativeness Competency and Presentation.


  1. DyipPay (
    DyipPay is a mobile app for PUV passengers, drivers and transport coops. The app has predictive features that shows the real time location of PUVs and real time seat occupancy/capacity of it. It also has an e-wallet, so the passengers will pay via scanning of QR codes inside the PUV, the manual hand over system of payment is solved. These features already solve the inconvenience and inefficiency of the transport system. The app also has a referral system. For the transport coops, the cost is significantly reduced since the mobile app has no maintenance fee nor monthly/subscription fees, instead there’s a profit sharing for the coops. Finally, the app also caters to public utility tricycles (PUT).

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  1. Sakahon ( )
    Sakahon is an agritech social enterprise that focuses on the ability of food producers to consolidate their produce and analyse what the market needs ahead of time. It is solving the market gap between institutional buyers like food manufacturers and farmers and the income gap and food waste.

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