A recent mPreneur evaluation meeting in Zanzibar, Tanzania hosted by CUBE Zanzibar from 22-26 August,  brought together all project partners  young social innovators, entrepreneurs, and mobile technology experts to assess and celebrate their contributions of the mPreneur project and explore the ecosystem of Tanzanian start-ups and entrepreneurs. This article delves into the significance of this meeting and how it is driving forward the worlds of mpreneurship and mobile technology.
On this study visit and evaluation meeting 19 participants from all project countries gathered, and during the first days visited more than 10 start ups and organizations where they learned more on the African ecosystem and acceleration programs to support young entrepreneurs. And during the last day an evaluation meeting was held in order to reflect on the achievements and lessons learned, monitoring and evaluation process, follow up on directions.

On 23 of August we started the ecosystem tour and study visits to many social business, among which:
Upendo Center (disable center), SUZA waste X lab, Chako recycling site, Kilimo hai input.

On 24 of August we ad visits and presentations from the national winners of mPreneur as well, the tour was in this order:
Study visit to Dar es Salam, Dawa Mkononi, Sahara venture, LyfPlus Limited.

On 25th of August the evaluation meeting was organized were all partners had all day to discussed and evaluate the activities implemented in all countries, next steps in the dissemination and communication and financial and administrative procedures to be finalized. We ended with follow up activities + Q&A and Intercultural session with visiting to the Prison Island.

The evaluation meeting served as a platform for innovators to showcase their initiatives, exchange ideas, and receive valuable feedback from mentors and industry experts. Organized with meticulous planning and attention to detail, the event aimed to assess the impact of these innovative projects and identify areas for improvement.

One of the objectives of the meeting was to celebrate the success of the project achievements and the participants who were part of it.  The meeting celebrated the achievements of young social innovators and startups who have harnessed the potential of mobile technology. Entrepreneurs presented their projects, sharing stories of how they have made a difference in their respective fields. From healthcare apps improving access to medical services in remote areas to sustainability initiatives in agriculture, the successes were inspiring. Another goal of the evaluation meeting was to facilitate networking and collaboration, provide feedback and improvement with providing valuable insights.

The evaluation meeting served as a catalyst for the continued growth of mpreneurship and the integration of mobile technology into innovative solutions. It showcased the power of mpreneurship and how mobile technology is driving positive change across various sectors in different communities. As we look to the future, it is clear that this intersection of innovation will continue to play a crucial role in shaping a better world through technology-driven solutions. With mentorship, networking, and continuous improvement, the road ahead for these young innovators and startups looks promising, with the potential to create lasting impact on a global scale.