On 15th of August the partners from Uganda – Uganda Youth Skills Training Organization organized the local mPreneur event in Kampala. 37 participants attended this event among which local governmental representatives, young people students, youth workers, young entrepreneurs all eager to learn more about our project and social mobile entrepreneurship in Uganda.

The even’s Agenda was as follows:

  1. Welcoming of the participants and their registration.
  2. The project overall presentation by the local Mprenuer project Coordinator ( Bob Maahe Turyatunga)
  3. Presentation about national camps and the best winners of the mobile apps ( Bob Maahe Mprenuer Project Coordinator)
  4. Presentation about training camps and jury meeting in Ohrid Macedonia and presentation of the promotional video ( Mugabi Enock)
  • Presentation of the Gala event in Graz Austria and promotional video ( Nassanga Shadia)
  • Discussing the future of SME in Uganda as an alternative means of addressing socio-economic challenges among the youths and devise means how this would be incorporated within the CSO’s designed and implemented programs. (Panelists and the moderator)

The learning institutions abilities and capacities to incorporate both entrepreneurship and mobile applications in learning process. ( Panelists and the moderator)

Innovations patent rights and characteristics of quality apps. ( Panelists and moderator)

  • Discussing the Youth Declaration on Social Mobile Entrepreneurship-Using mobile technology for Good. (modulated by the MC)
  • Discussion and brainstorming for potential new projects and collaborations. (modulated by the MC)

The event required some materials to take place, these include reporting materials and resource such as stationery, promotional materials and service such pull out banners, T-shirts and media broadcast of the event.

The participants were drawn from different categories which included, young entrepreneurs, youth workers, general business community, local government, ministries of ICT, education and private sector as well as media houses.

Panelists were, Mr. Kajubi  Godfrey, from Makerere university Innovation and Incubation center, Mr. Ddungu Joseph, from Habitation for Empowerment Network, Mr. Bagarukayo Bruce from Private sector software engineer/Entrepreneur from Hams company. Also were Miss. Nassanga Shadiah and Mr. Mugabi Enock from Mpreneur local National camp winners.

The discussion of the panelists based on the following topics and their linkages to the impact of mPreneur project to the youths societies in Uganda and the entire future of SME:

  1. Status current state of social mobile entrepreneurship in Uganda.
  2. Characteristics of quality mobile applications.
  3. The impact of the SME with youth on employment.
  4. Available government interventions towards investing in SME as an alternative way of solving social challenges.
  5. Patent rights of entrepreneurs with Mobile Applications.

Miss. Nassanga Shadiah and Mr. Mugabi Enock the national winners shared their experience from the project.

The impact was inspirable and motivational to participants to know that people earn from applications not only within their countries of development but from the entire world. They got inspired to know if UYSTO and the partners have a center for non-formal and informal training in apps development. Participants got knowledge on SME and other related areas. The gathering has been part of networking and this added a value to their specific organizations and at individual levels. Committed and declared to be activists of sustainable social mobile entrepreneurship