mPreneur press realese was broadcasted by local radio station (Play radio) in Macedonia. Short info about the project was mentioned and short description of the activities and achievements was presented. Check the translation from the press release below or hear the audio if you are coming from North Macedonia or understand Macedonian language. English translation is available below in the text.

Young entrepreneurs from Macedonia were part of an intercontinental project mPreneur) led by Poraka Nova Struga, in partnership with countries from Asia, Africa and Europe. The project is supported by the Erasmus Plus program of the European Union.

“mPreneur: Youth Mobile Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Future”¬† empowers youth and youth entrepreneurial organizations to use mobile app coding as a vital skill for youth employment as well as strengthening community resilience. Within this project, young people are developing sustainable innovative mobile solutions for the challenges of this topic.

They were part of the national competitions, afterwards Intercontinetal camp and training event in Ohrid and a Gala event in Graz, where 3 best mobile applications from each continent were chosen, one winner from each continent.

We are proud of the achievements and innovative ideas of the national mPreneur winners who have brought a new perspective to the field of mobile social entrepreneurship. Over 200 participants were involved in the project, a toolkit was created with over 300 tools and more than 200.000 young people were informed about the project’s activities.