mPreneur project partners created a toolkit to support young digital social entrepreneurs.  This toolkit offers comprehensive resources, guidance, and practical tips to empower and equip young aspiring entrepreneurs to develop sustainable innovative mobile solutions for community challenges.  The ultimate goal of the toolkit is to empower young entrepreneurs to make a positive impact on their communities through mobile entrepreneurship while embracing sustainability and social awareness. 

Young innovators and social entrepreneurs often face unique challenges on their path to making a positive impact. These challenges include limited access to resources, lack of mentorship, and navigating complex regulatory environments. Consequently, many potentially transformative ideas remain unrealized, and young individuals may feel discouraged.

To address these barriers, a toolkit specifically tailored to the needs of young innovators and social entrepreneurs can play a pivotal role. It provides essential guidance, resources, and a structured approach to help them develop, refine, and scale their projects. This toolkit can be a game-changer in nurturing a new generation of change-makers.

What’s Inside?
– Inspiration from our mPreneur Mobile App Winners;
Articles from University professors;
– Extensive list of tools for: start ups and social business, education and career, marketing, etc.;
– Useful templates for business model, marketing, etc.


The toolkit is avaialble here.