ICT4D.AT, the partner organisation of mPreneur in Austria received 2 entries which automatically became the winning teams to represent Austria in mPreneur school and continental camp in Ohrid, North Macedonia and World Summit Awards in Graz, Austria. ICT4D.AT organised virtual and onsite events.

The virtual pitching happened on September 22, 2022 via Zoom. After the virtual pitching, the winning teams were provided with online mentorship with international mentors to prepare them for the onsite pitching and further development of their mobile application. The onsite national camp happened on October 7, 2022 at Grand Garage in Linz, Austria, where winning teams delivered their pitches to online jury and audiences and received notable feedback and suggestions

The winning teams also had a guided tour in Ars Electronica Center, the center of the UNESCO City of Media Arts which allows everyone to research, discover, experiment and explore and Grand Garage, a makerspace which offers access to over 90 professional machines and digital technologies in their open workshop. The success of the national camp is owed to the support of ICT4D.AT’s partners: Coderdojo Linz, Grand Garage, RISE, and INSO.


  1. Nochba (http://nochba.at/ )

Nochba intends to support the formation of active and cohesive communities within a district in a city by giving them an opportunity to ask for support of any kind. The app aims to bring the neighborhood together by providing a platform to create posts that are displayed in a certain range which will connect neighbours with each other.

Web Demo: https://locoo.vercel.app   

Follow them on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nochba.at/

  1. Drimble (https://drimble.app )

Drimble is about raising awareness about how your drinking habits affect you, especially among younger people. By providing an indication of the current level of drunkenness in the form of an approximation of the user’s BAC, as well as reminders to drink water or to pause a little before the next drink, drinkaware helps users to stay within healthier boundaries during drinking sessions. Additionally, the app also provides the user with analytics on their overall drinking behavior, suggesting sensible goals for how many drinks one wants to consume per week and highlighting the impact the consumption has on the user in a very personalized way.

Follow them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SakahonMarketplace