As part of the Tanzanian mPreneur National Camp, which was organized by CUBE Innovation Hub in Zanzibar via ZOOM on the 21st and 22nd of September 2022, ten shortlisted participants and their teams presented their mobile apps that had a social impact and contributed positively to society in Zanzibar and Tanzania.
Most of the Tanzanian mPreneurs were from the capital city Dar Es Salaam, which is known for its thriving startup ecosystem in the country.
On the first day, all of the entrepreneurs got to know each other and expert trainers, and then all of the mPreneurs got a chance to present their businesses in 5 minutes each online and receive open feedback from both peers and expert trainers.
Among the participants, there were startups that have received recognition in the local innovation ecosystem such as Elias Elisante and Kusiluka Aginiwe Justice with `SmartDarasa`, as an interactive learning platform. Robert Mashala Kadikilo has introduced `Ezysoko`, an package delivery app that provides a fast, secure, and easy way to book, pay for, and track deliveries of goods in real-time and not only.
The only female entrepreneur in the National Camp, Angela Beily, has presented `WeVoice Africa` a streaming platform for true story dramas in audio, and podcasts and videos.
Placidus Rwechungura from `AgriPoa`, a farm management software that allows a farmer to plan, monitor and analyze all activities on the farm easily and links them with markets.
Clemence Maximilian Exaudi has pitched ` Dawa Mkononi ` an app that makes it easy to purchase medicine across the city.
Frank Mwandi from `the hospitality and real-estate app that allows renting, buying, and even hosting a guest in the selected property.
Dr. Ali Khatau from LyfPlus Inc, a telemedicine platform integrating virtual physician consultation, hospital appointment booking and diagnostic facilities in one platform allowing patients to access important medical services instantly and conveniently.
Clemence Exaudi from `Dawa Mkononi` an app that bridges the gap and provide convenience to private health facilities in the procurement of pharmaceutical products and helps health facilities to order pay and get the products delivered to them in the same day with safety.
James David Mutemi has pitched `Nitume Nillime Leoleo Gulio Smart` a platform that is aiming to digitize extension services that will simplify farming by being available 24hrs via call center, SMS chatbot, WhatsApp chatbot and mobile application. Hilary Michael Tengeso has shared an a retail e-commerce platform that connects consumers and buyers across Tanzania.
Abdulmujib Nizary has presented `Bi-Shamba`, a mobile application that helps farmers to manage their farm and farming activities from their smartphones wherever they are at a free price. With the application, the farmer can access weather information and fore-castings, detect a disease affecting their crops in real-time and learn its treatment.
After all 10 mPreneurs pitched their businesses and received feedback, expert Trainers shared their wisdom nuggets on how to improve their business and the best pitching strategies, optimize technical specifications, and increase UX efficiency. The trainers were candid about their own pitfalls and challenges they came across over the years.
All entrepreneurs had an opportunity to level up their deck pitch and do last-minute changes to pitch to the national jury their start-up to become one of two winners.

On the second day entrepreneur has a chance to reflect back on all comments received and get ready for online pitching for national jury comprised of entrepreneurs from both mainland and Zanzibar island.After 2 days of Virtual National Camp, we have got two winners both in HealthTech: Clemence Maximilian Exaudi from ` Dawa Mkononi an app that makes it easy to purchase medicine across the city, and Dr. Ali Khatau from LyfPlus Inc.
The event was a success thanks to all who applied, joined, and participated.
It has been 72 hours of high-intensity brainstorming and presenting, alternating with lighter ice-breaking and energizing activities.
Congratulations to all, and to the winners.
Keep an eye out for our next activities!