mPrenuer National Camp was held on 18th September 2022 in Singapore, led by the partner organization Susitainable Living Lab. The event  gathered  20 motivated youths who were keen to deepen their knowledge and understanding on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and AI-assisted technology. Sustainable Living Lab shared about AI and its real-world applications on social issues. Together, the participants also worked on the Intel Openbot car by using Computer Vision and audio processors to navigate in a search and rescue mission.

The selection process was conducted later and for 2 winning apps were chosen:

Kura Kura – Kura Kura helps Gen Zs build stronger friendships. We do this through a gamified app that incorporates bite-sized journaling techniques, personalized weekly challenges and introspective shared reflection questions. This allows peers to understand one another on a deeper level and build a sense of vulnerability/empathy/kindness.

MedGrab – MedGrab emphasizes on the portability and accessibility of our medical diagnostic tools that we would like to bring to our users. MedGrab is a decentralized mode of healthcare that focuses on the integration of software and hardware. Our MedGrab mobile app works as a dashboard that provides personal storage for our users past medical records, biomedical sensor data, virtual consultations, and the location of nearby healthcare facilities within just a few taps. The app data would be retrieved from an easily deployable casing for the biomedical sensors.