The mPrenuer national Hackathon in Kenya was held on 16th September 2022 after doing for a call for application for  a month. Empserved Kenya used both social media and direct outreach to reach to potential applicants. They recived 15  applicants  where 12 were from Kenya while 3 were from Ethiopia, Nigeria & Tanzania respectively. 

Pitching session

All the 12  Kenyan applicants were shortlisted, where we had 5 females & 7 males. 11 applicants showed up to for pitching while 1 was unavailable 

Out of the 11,  8 presented physically before a Jury of 3 members at the EmpServe Hub. The other 3  presented virtually before the same Jury members and on the same day.  Each  participant had  15 minutes of presentation and 5 minutes of Q&A. 

Selection of the winners. 

The selection of te winners was conducted after te event one week later by jury experts in the filed. 

Winners of the Kenyan Naional Camp 

1.Mkulima Bora App  by Nickson Onyancha (

Status: The app is available on playstore 

Mkulima Bora app is a one-stop-shop platform where farmers can access premium buyers, extension officers, and verified training tools leading to improved economic . Currently, over 8,000 users are benefiting from the app. They are targeting to reach 2.5Million Kenya  that’s equivalent to $2.3B within the next 48-52 months.

2.I-CARe by Diana Moraa & Beatrice Wambui ; (
Status: the App in in Beta Version 

I-CARe App addresses mental health issues among teenagers & youth in Kenya by bridging the gaps in access to in-person care & use of technology. The App provides information about the common causes of mental health among young generation. I t also connects the users with mentors & mental health practitioners who support in influencing behavior change among the target group.