Drimble App

Drimble is an app that allows you to keep an eye on your alcohol consumption habits and aims to support and educate you with regards to minimizing the health impact.

Drimble is about raising awareness about how your drinking habits affect you, especially among younger people. By providing an indication of the current level of drunkenness in the form of an approximation of the user’s BAC, as well as reminders to drink water or to pause a little before the next drink, drinkaware helps users to stay within healthier boundaries during drinking sessions. Additionally, the app also provides the user with analytics on their overall drinking behavior, suggesting sensible goals for how many drinks one wants to consume per week and highlighting the impact the consumption has on the user in a very personalized way. Similar to tracking food intake in terms of calories and micro- and macronutrients, learning about alcohol consumption habits and actually tracking every drinking that one drinks oftentimes leads to the realization that there is quite a difference between the perceived number of alcoholic
beverages consumed per week and the actual number of drinks consumed.


It was very amazing to getting to know so many people from different cultures and different backgrounds all with the same mindset towards building a company and developing themselves for better future.

Gabriel Sperrer

ounder, Drimble, Austria