Dyip Pay App

DyipPay is an e-wallet fare payment and collection platform for a seamless, card-less, convenient, predictable and cheap fare payment for public utility vehicle (PUV) passengers,drivers and transport operators via a mobile app.

DyipPay is a Filipino startup that provides an e-wallet fare payment and collection platform for seamless, card-less and predictable fare transactions for public utility vehicle (PUV) passengers, drivers and transport operators via a mobile app. It solves the problem of inconvenient, inefficient, outdated and unsafe manual “hand over” payment system. Traditional jeepney is the main mode of transportation in the philippines, the current way of payment is via the manual “hand over” payment wherein the passenger will hand over the fare payment to the next passenger beside him until it reaches the driver, and the driver will hand over the change backwards until it reaches back to the passenger. The DyipPay mobile app will make the fare payment and collection is easy and convenient so that the passengers and the drivers don’t have to do the manual “hand over” payment system. The competitive advantage of DyipPay is that aside from being cashless and card-less, it is also predictable, interoperable and can cater to traditional jeepneys and tricycles, whereas our competitors do not. The impact of this solution will affect millions of commuters in the Philippines since everyone has been struggling with this old way of payment. The team have onboarded 30 transport cooperatives, 500 drivers, 1000 passengers and have accumulated P400,000 e-wallet top ups, 20,000 transactions. We also have the patent for digital payment for public transportation. Official website: https://www.dyippay.com.ph