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Mkulima Bora is a one-stop-shop platform that gives farmers access to premium buyers, extension officers, and verified training tools leading to improved economic status and livelihood.

Mkulima Bora is a hybrid software that uses simple, accessible and affordable technology to connect farmers to premium buyers, training tools and extension officers. Small scale farmers still cannot afford a decent living majorly because they have no access to markets that offer them premium buyers, they have no access to verified information and training tools and lastly, they have no way of connecting with qualified extension officers. MkulimaBora solves the 3 core problems by providing farmers with a hybrid software that links them to premium buyers on B2C and B2C categories .We also provide easy access to verified information and training tools and lastly we use GPS and location services to link farmers to available and qualified extension officers that are within their location. For farmers who do not have access to internet, we use USSD and IVR which are easily accessible through any GSM mobile device. The team (John Kinyua – CEO , Savio Wambugu – CTO, Antony Maina – CFO, Nickson Zachary – IR Investor Relations) has already onboarded more than 2000 farmers in Kenya who have enjoyed a monthly impression reach of more than 500k on our social media platforms and on our mobile application. We have been featured in local mainstream media as well as the international media. Their social media fan base  has grown to over 12k users on Facebook and Twitter.
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Thank you for the opportunity to meet a new family of entrepreneurs around the world. In my own opinion, we are all winners.

Nickson Zachary

Investor Relations, Mkulima Bora, Kenya