PLYNX app offers a digital bio-friendly currency model, contrary of the in-app purchases it will use a system where in-app items can only be bought with a currency earnable with social work, as an example in a typical app a child would want to buy a purple hat accessory in game, but to do so they’ll have to force their parents to pay money, with PLYNX instead of buying it with money they’ll have to do social work such as collecting garbage, volunteering in various activities, helping older people, etc.

Social Innovation has to begin somewhere; people nowadays are too focused on their own problems, and have no time for the ones of others. PLYNX team intention with the mobile app is to help with the shaping of the new generations in another way, one of tolerance, sustainability and unity. Social innovation has to begin somewhere and that somewhere is with kids. PLYNX plans to start as a mobile game aimed at children where from a young age social and environmental awareness will be instilled into them via the bio-friendly currency which will be earnable via real life social and environmental work or active participation in online campaigns such as quizzes and reading articles. PLYNX is planning to expand this currency to multiple apps in the future to build a better world together.


I have learned a lot of new things in the aspect of the social business modelling, workshops from the professors gave us a lot of new information, and also the things that we have learned from each other will always remain in my memories.

Jovan Ilovski

Founder, PLYNX, Macedonia

I have learned a lot by getting other people’s perspectives on my app and that helped me see things differently and therefore make changes accordingly.
and change
Benjamin Adjiovski

Founder, PLYNX, Macedonia