1. Hi Clemence, you are one of the creators behind Dawa Mkononi App and the continental winner from Africa in mPreneur, can you tell us more what motivated you to create this app and how this app is helping the communities?
Clemence: We first thought of what the app will do which is increase the access to medicine by helping the health facilities to purchase medicine easily. More time and time again we have been victim of walking in to a pharmacy or a health facility to just being told we dont have this medicine here go buy somewhere else. With Dawa Mkononi App we want all health facility to be able to serve the community better

2. What is your overall experience from this project, the peers and professionals you met and the program?
Clemence: Calling it great is underrating it but its was exceptional to meet peers who face the same startup challenges trying to make a world a better place gained lots of insight from others about their projects as well as them helping me to reshape ours.

3. You participated on the mPreneur training in Ohrid in 2022, how this training and presentations from the professors and other experts helped you?
Clemence:  Was great experience at Orhid. The professors were very knowledgable on concepts they gave session they widen our minds on how we can be better from where we are. The session gave us different perspective its not only tech but other component such as impact you create the ethics to follow n much more.


4. What is your message or most important advice for the future aspiring young entrepreneurs and innovators?
Clemence: To be an entrepreneur is not a rocket science and there is no shortcut but the discipline it needs its where most fail we can all be successful as long as we gave our 100% hard smart work day in day out.