1. Hi Elvin, you are one of the creators behind Sakahon App and the continental winner from Asia in mPreneur, can you tell us more what motivated you to create this app and how this app is helping the specific category of people – the farmers?
Answer: I am proud to be a young farmer in the Philippines. I grew up seeing my grandfather, Arturo, who is a farmer, work hard to make ends meet. The inspiration behind the creation of Sakahon app are the thousands of farmers in our community, their struggles and the potential of their farm lands. I’ve always believe that the Philippines is not a poor country, especially the agricultural sector. I’ve always wanted to contribute to change the narrative that we too can become a prosperous country. I realized, together with Elaine and Von, my co-founders, that we need to start right at home.

2. Hope you had great time in Graz, can you share with us and our audience what is your freshest memory that you will remember from the Gala event?
Answer: The opportunity to meet new friends and create meaningful relationship is what I enjoyed most in Graz, plus the scenic view of the city, the youthful vibe is just contagious. The event was full of opportunities to learn from others.

3. During this event you met with many professionals, experts, did you gain helpful advices, guidance and insights on how you can maybe improve some elements from your product, on what to focus on more?
Answer: Yes, definitely, we learned many things from mentors, experts and our fellow participants that are vital to our progress and development as a startup business. It was delightful to learn from experts that are also in our field. They enabled us to expand our vision and see what’s the potential of our agritech business.

4. You also participated on the mPreneur training in Ohrid in 2022, how this training and presentations from the professors and other professionals helped you?
Answer: After our training in Ohrid, I as determined to apply any relevant information and insights I gained from the training. And those are very helpful, because during that time, Sakahon just opened our business with one of our biggest clients. And since then we’ve expanded with accelerated pace.

5. What is your message or most important advice for the future aspiring young entrepreneurs and innovators?
Answer: Continue being curious. Always believe that you can make a change and enable positive development to happen. Invest in yourself by seeking to learn and learn. When you fail, use it as an inspiration to move forward.