Empowering Innovators in Mobile Technology – A Day of Inspiration and Learning!

We are delighted to share the resounding success of our one-day workshop on social mobile entrepreneurship and sustainability that was held on 22 July 2023 in Waste X Lab at State University of Zanzibar (SUZA) , another great mPreneur dissemination event which was organized by the project partners Cube Zanzibar.

The event aimed to disseminate information about Mprenur, discuss the future of social mobile entrepreneurship, and inspire youth and youth organizations to contribute towards sustainability.

Who attended the event:

• Young Entrepreneurs: The creative minds behind innovative mobile technology ideas that have the potential to change lives.

• Youth Workers: Dedicated individuals and organizations working tirelessly to empower youth and provide them with opportunities to thrive.

• Business Community: Established leaders from the business world keen on supporting young innovators and fostering a sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem.

• State University of Zanzibar Representatives: Decision-makers at the governmental level, committed to fostering a supportive environment for technological advancements.

Some of the Learning and Inspirations from the event:

Mprenur Event Journey: Participants were taken through the exciting stages of the Mprenur event – from ideation to the grand main event in Gruz. The winners, Dawa Mkononi and Lyfplus+, shared their experiences, inspiring others to aim for greatness.

Success Secrets Unveiled: Dawa Mkononi and Lyfplus+ revealed the secrets behind their victories, emphasizing the importance of teamwork, market research, and resilience.

Interactive Q&A: Participants engaged in lively discussions, asking questions and receiving valuable feedback from the winners.

Networking Opportunities: Meaningful connections were formed between attendees, enabling potential collaborations and partnerships.

Inspiring Testimonials: The winners shared their personal journeys, showing that with dedication and determination, anything is possible.

Collaboration for a Better Future: the event highlighted the immense potential of social mobile entrepreneurship and how it can drive sustainability and positive change. We are grateful to all the attendees for their enthusiasm and active participation.

Youth Declaration on Social Mobile Entrepreneurship: In light of the event’s success, we are pleased to announce that a Youth Declaration on Social Mobile Entrepreneurship is in the making. This declaration will outline our collective commitment to fostering an inclusive, innovative, and sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Big thank you goes to all participants, speakers, mentors, and our esteemed winners, Dawa Mkononi and Lyfplus+. Your presence and contributions have made this event a resounding success.