The mPreneur partner Sustainable Living Lab organized local dissemination event on 28th July 2023, at Community Lab@UWCSEA, Singapore.
More than 20 participants attended the event and had a chance to learn from the various presentations and be part of the panel discussion. The following agenda was delivered:

  • 2.45 pm: Welcoming Participants
  • 3.00pm: Event Introduction
  • 3.15pm: Presentation on Kura-Kura
  • 3.30pm: Presentation on MedGrab
  • 3.45pm: Panel Discussion
  • 4.45pm: Break
  • 4.55pm: Virtual Reality Activity
  • 5.55pm: Debrief
  • 6.00pm onwards: Refreshments + Speed Networking
  • Weng Wan Ying, Senior Consultant at Sustainable Living Lab (Moderator)
  • Arif Woozeer – Co-Founder of Kura Kura (Panelist)
  • Alaina Jaiswal – Co-Founder of MedGrab (Panelist)
  • Aaqib Alvi, Country Manager at Sustainable Living Lab (Panelist)
    This panel discussion will explore the key role that technology innovation, entrepreneurship, and youths play in driving social change in an age where digitalisation is rapidly transforming the global economic and social landscape.
    Here are the core themes we hope to explore:
  • The journey of embarking on mobile technology innovation and entrepreneurship, including initial inspiration, successes, and roadblocks encountered.
  • Initiatives and support available from the public and private sector for youth to create and sustain impact.

    The potential of mobile technology as a tool to promote social and environmental sustainability in an age of digitalisation.
    Panel Discussion Questions:
  • Topics to focus on areas such as Community Impact, Youth Empowerment, Entrepreneurship and Technology.
  • What sort of community challenges serve as inspiration for your work?
  • How does your work address specific community challenges?
  • What principles of community based changemaking might you highlight?
  • What challenges and obstacles did you face as a youth trying to inspire change? More broadly, what challenges might youths face when engaging in social entrepreneurship today?
  • To what extent is your youth an advantage or disadvantage?
  • What are some personal motivations and experiences that inspired the creation of your respective mobile apps?
  • What types of accessible support systems and resources exist in Singapore that might help youths transform their dreams into reality?
  • Are mobile apps a powerful tool for engineering social good? What about technology more broadly? Are there any potential negative implications to this?
  • How do forms of technology such as VR and the metaverse lend themselves to creating social good?
  • What is the future immersive technologies such as VR and the metaverse?

    As last session which participants discussed was Virtual Reality Activity:
    o Background on Dementia in SG as a social issue
    o VR as a tool for solving/ad social issues
    o VR App – A Walk Through Dementia
    o Navigation to use app and trying out VR cardboard googles
    o Reflection