The power of fresh perspectives, boundless creativity, and unwavering determination has led to the emergence of transformative solutions aimed at addressing some of society’s most pressing challenges. Our most recent event on this topic was organized by Poraka Nova yesterday ( 8 August 2023) at Europe House Bitola, Macedonia with a panel discussion titled “Young Innovators Making Social Impact,” that brought together a diverse group of forward-thinking experts and minds to shed light on how these change-makers are reshaping the world.
After welcoming the participants the executive director Anita Gagovska, introduce the audience with the mPreneur project, aims, events and activities and welcomed the national winners from Macedonia who were involved in the whole mPrenuer program and project.
Both winners from Bintern (Dimiar) and Plynx (Jovan), had short presentations on their mobile apps, explained about the challenges and opportunities and their overall mPrenuer experience.

After the presentations the Panel Discussion on Young Innovators Making Social Impact was opened and moderated by Poraka Nova. The panelist were university professors, CEO’s and young people. Below you can see the complete list of speakers and panelist along with the topics that were covered:

  • From Social Challenges to Social Changes: The Motivation of Young People for Leading Start-Ups That Leave a Footprint – Dimitar Miterski, Bintern
  • Upgrading a Mobile App: From a Simple Idea to Social Impact – Jovan Ilovski, Plynx
  •  The Experience of Mentoring Young Innovators from Around the World: Empowering Youth to Leverage Mobile Entrepreneurship to Create Social Change – Mersiha Ismajloska, PhD. at the University for Information Science and Technology St. Paul the Apostole, Ohrid, and Mentor in the mPreneur Program
  • Merging the Unmergeable: Social, Technology and Entrepreneurship, Making Miracles with a Little Bit of Innovation and Willingness – Milcho Duli, MSc, President of SFERA International
  • The New Technologies Changing the World We Live In, and How to Use Them in Order to Create Sustainable Social Business – Atanas Godzoski, MSc, Director and R&D of Angor AG Struga
  • The role of social and academic actors towards the sustainability of social companies and social social impact – Prof. Dr. Cvetko Smilevski, co-founder of the Academic Group DETRA-BAS-BASIM.

Coming closer to the end of the project we realized that it wasn’t as hard to find young innovative people as we thought. We are lucky that we have been surrounded by all this young energy and ideas. 
During the panel discussion, we realized that sometimes we are trying so hard to focus and motivate the young people to be more and more active, forgetting that at the same time we have to push stronger focus on the relevant stakeholders as well… those that can give a nudge to the young innovators, who can hear and support their creation, those who can guide them, represent them, support them in any way, not only applauding in front of the audience.
We are all complementing in our society and everyone is important when it comes to supporting new perspectives, new visions. That way we can be all part of the puzzle.